Quick. Easy. Custom Fit.

Jiffy Steamer would like to introduce another industry first—The SteamBreaker®. The SteamBreaker is an innovative product that safely breaks in leather and exotic skin footwear, quickly creating a custom fit for your feet. Say goodbye to the pain of breaking in a new pair of footwear—and let the power of steam do the work for you!

Why Steam is the Perfect Fit

Breaking in footwear can be a pain—literally. Stiff, uncomfortable leather can chafe and blister your feet. Using Jiffy Steamer’s “Steam Fit” technology, the SteamBreaker quickly and safely relaxes footwear to conform to the shape of your foot. Your customers will experience the comfort of a custom fit in a matter of hours, not weeks. Make Jiffy SteamBreaker a part of your business today. Your customers—and their feet—will thank you!

What Customers Think

“Shoe Shack loves the new SteamBreaker by Jiffy Steamer as a way to loosen leather on any of western boots, work boots and shoes. This is a great product that is well built and easy to use. Any store or business that sells leather boots could use this product to lead to more sales and an added value to customer.” http://www.shoeshackonline.com/

- Bryan Castleman
  Shoe Shack
  Martin and Union City, Tennessee