How It Works

In literally a fraction of the time of conventional means, SteamBreaker will quickly relax your footwear to mold to your foot.

*Steam is hot. Please consult the owner’s manual for product safety instructions before operating.

Jiffy SteamBreaker J-2000 How It Works Step One
Step 1

Fill with water. The J-2000SBR model includes a removable water tank for easy filling, and the model J-4000SBR has an internal water tank.

Jiffy SteamBreaker How It Works Step Three
Step 2

Using the protective gloves (provided), hold the boot over the SteamBreaker steam pipe for 20 seconds. Some footwear may need additional steam time. If other steaming is required, repeat steaming in 20 second cycles. Be sure not to over steam.

Jiffy SteamBreaker How It Works Step Four
Step 3 

The footwear will now become very relaxed and pliable.

Jiffy SteamBreaker How It Works Step Five
Jiffy SteamBreaker How It Works Final Result
Step 4 

Allow to cool for 5-10 seconds before slipping on foot. It is important that the customer puts on the footwear while it is warm and wears it for several hours so that as the leather cools, it will mold to the shape of the foot. You have just created a custom “steam fit” for your customer.